PieChartCenterLabelBackground ( fillColor ;​ fillColorVariant ;​ borderStroke ;​ borderColor ;​ borderColorVariant ;​ shadowEffect ;​ shadowColor )

Argument Type Range Default Note
fillColor rgba 0..255 white
fillColorVariant int -1..128 solid
borderStroke num[] 0..1000 1 Dimension:[pt]
borderColor rgba 0..255 black
borderColorVariant int -1..128 solid
shadowEffect num[] -1000..1000 0
shadowColor rgba 0..255 #888a

In addition, by using the PieChartCenterLabelText() , PieChartCenterLabelStyle() , PieChartCenterLabelBackground() and PieChartCenterLabelBackgroundOptions() functions, a text can be placed and drawn in the center of the chart. The four functions work the same way as the "standard" LabelTexts() , LabelStyle() , LabelBackground() and LabelBackgroundOptions() functions.

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