Adjust your drawing by using xmCHART's built-in scripting language.
Update charting values and drawing components dynamically.
Enhance your diagrams by adding texts and images.
Add trendlines, moving averages and error bars to your charts.
Create advanced charts by overlaying and combining diagrams.
Arrange arbitrarily texts, graphics and charts all within one drawing.
Import and export high-resolution bitmap images in different image formats.
Get the cursor position and launch a FileMaker script.
Produce resolution-independent PDF and SVG images for publication or web use.
Combine barcodes with texts, images and diagrams.


4 October 2018
  • Fixed concurrency issues when using xmCHART in combination with FileMaker WebDirect.
  • Fixed some minor bugs and glitches.
17 May 2018
Newly Added Features and Bug Fixes:
1 Aug 2017
Newly Added Features and Bug Fixes:
  • BarcodeQR(): Improved support of non-ASCII characters.
  • BarcodeQR(): Error correction flag added. (see examples)
  • Memory leakage fixed (macOS).
  • Fixed further minor bugs and glitches.
8 Dec 2016
Newly Added Features and Bug Fixes:
  • New function LegendTitle() added. (see examples)
  • AxisOptions(): Easy mirroring of axes added. (see examples)
  • Clipping of bar charts improved.
  • Crash when closing xmCHART on macOS 10.9 fixed.
  • Fixed issues with stacked bar charts containing NULL values.
  • Fixed issues when adding connecting lines to bar charts.
  • Fixed an issue with engineering output format.
  • Fixed an issue with PieChartAuxLines() function.
  • Fixed further minor bugs and glitches.
2 Apr 2016
Newly Added Features and Bug Fixes:
  • Improved support of bar charts with negative values. (see example)
  • New format specifier "!" (exclamation mark) displays the absolute value of a number.
  • Bubble charts: New option useSymbolsAsBubbles added. (see example)
  • BarStyle(): Optional parameter alignment added. (see example)
  • FillColorScale(): 4 new color scales added.
  • xmCH_GetMouse(): Mouse support for zoomed windows and for full screen mode added.
  • HeatMap(): Fixed issue when number of values doesn't match with number of cells.
  • SVG export: Fixed issue displaying shadow effects.
  • Fixed issue when mixing straight and curly quotation marks.
  • Fixed further minor bugs and glitches.
12 Oct 2015
Newly Added Features and Bug Fixes:
  • Ready for macOS 10.11 El Capitan.
  • xmCHART plug-in installer for easy installation added.
  • AddPath(): New path command letters H, V, S and T added.
  • Legend: Support of line and marker shadows added.
  • SVG export: Displaying texts containing whitespace improved.
  • Arrowheads: Optimized alignment of arrowheads.
  • Arrowheads: Fixed a bug that caused arrowheads to be redrawn multiple times.
  • Barcodes: Fixed a Codabar barcode bug.
  • Histogram: Fixed issue displaying wrong fill colors.
  • Date & Time: Fixed date order bug.
  • Memory leakage fixed.
5 Jun 2015
Newly Added Features and Bug Fixes:
  • Ready for the FileMaker 14 family of products.
  • Free-to-use chart-gallery database added with over 200 example scripts (part of the download package).
  • BarChart2D: Fixed bug for very small scaling ranges.
  • Bar and Gantt charts: Optimized alignment of bars with no gaps.
  • Area charts: Support of drop lines added.
  • Area charts: Displaying gaps for NULL data implemented.
  • Area charts: Fixed legend bug in combination with useLineStyle flag.
  • Fine-tuned position of legend markers.
  • Fixed issue displaying texts with color gradients.
  • Resolved an issue when using fractional seconds.
  • Improved symbol clipping.
2 Mar 2015
Newly Added Features and Bug Fixes:
  • xmCHART 4.0 Quick Reference application (part of the download package).
  • Area charts: Added support of error bars and trend lines (curve fitting).
  • Function ChartDataOptions(): Added new data scan option.
  • Trend lines (curve fitting): Support of NULL data implemented.
  • Pie charts: Fixed fill color bug.
  • Texts: Fixed shadow opacity bug.
  • Arrowheads: Fixed shadow bug.
  • Date & Time: Fixed time initialization error.
  • Windows 7 Invalid HResult bug fixed.
  • Memory leakage fixed.
16 Dec 2014
Features at a Glance:
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