Adjust your drawing by using xmCHART's built-in scripting language.
Update charting values and drawing components dynamically.
Enhance your diagrams by adding texts and images.
Add trend lines, moving averages and error bars to your charts.
Create advanced charts by overlaying and combining diagrams.
Arrange arbitrarily texts, graphics and charts all within one drawing.
Import and export high-resolution bitmap images in different image formats.
Get the cursor position and launch a FileMaker script.
Produce resolution-independent PDF and SVG images for publication or web use.
Combine barcodes with texts, images and diagrams.
Create high quality PDF drawings in FileMaker Runtime solutions.


27 November 2019
Bug Fixes:
  • Bug returning an empty image has been fixed (FileMaker Server Windows).
  • xmCHART 5 Quick Fixed some minor bugs and glitches.
21 November 2019
Bug Fixes:
  • Concurrency (multi-threading) related crash fixed (Windows).
  • Label format bug in combination with running totals fixed (all platforms).
  • Issue with stroke color gradient fixed (macOS).
  • Fixed a bug in combination with PNG images which may cause a crash (macOS).
  • Crash due to an empty chart data series fixed (all platforms).
  • Wrong positioning of elements within successive views fixed (all platforms).
  • ChartDataRead(): Bug messing up imported values fixed (all platforms).
  • BarcodeQR(): Bug producing garbage characters fixed. (all platforms).
  • LabelBackgroundOptions(): Fixed a bug which may cause a crash (all platforms).
  • DropLineReferenceLine(): Wrong position of reference line fixed (all platforms).
  • SaveAsPDFFile(): Memory leakage fixed (Windows).
  • AddArrowExt(): Shadow clipping bug fixed (Linux).
  • Speed improvement due to optimizing text rendering (Linux).
  • Tables: Custom column width bug fixed (all platforms).
  • Tables: Missing last cell if empty fixed (all platforms).
  • Tables: Cells with styled text is now working properly (all platforms).
  • Tags: Fine tune positions and alignments of tag elements (all platforms).
  • xmCHART 5.0.2 made more backward compatible with older xmCHART versions (all platforms).
  • xmCHART 5 Quick Improved support for the dark mode in macOS Mojave and later.
  • Reworked gallery database.
11 July 2019
Features at a Glance:
28 April 2019
  • All xmCHART 4.0.10 plug-ins are code signed.
  • Issue closing the About Box of xmCHART in FileMaker Preferences fixed (macOS).
  • Fixed some minor bugs and glitches.

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