OpenChart ( left ;​ top ;​ width ;​ height ;​ isPlotArea )

Argument Type Range Default Note
left num -10000..10000 (required) Dimension:[pt]
top num -10000..10000 (required) Dimension:[pt]
width num 1..10000 (required) Dimension:[pt]
height num 1..10000 (required) Dimension:[pt]
isPlotArea int 0..1 off For overlay graphs




OpenChart() makes it possible to position a chart precisely within a drawing or a view. By using the 5th argument isPlotArea, the arguments left, top, width and height either define the entire area incl. axes, title and legend (isPlotArea = off) or only the actual area of the graph (isPlotArea = on). For more information and examples, refer to Script Structure.

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