VectorPlotOptions ( arrowheadType ;​ maxArrowLength ;​ arrowheadSize ;​ arrowAnchorOffset )

Argument Type Range Default Note
arrowheadType int[] 0..4 3
maxArrowLength num 0..1000 10% Absolute in px or in % of drawing diagonal.
arrowheadSize num[] 0..1000 25% Absolute in px or in % of arrow length.
arrowAnchorOffset num 0..1 0.0 Tail 0..1 head

VectorPlotOptions(0) /* No arrowheads. */

VectorPlotOptions(3) /* Default arrowheads. */

VectorPlotOptions(1 1) /* Vertical bars on both ends. */

VectorPlotOptions(3 3) /* Arrowheads on both ends. */

VectorPlotOptions(0 3) /* Reversed arrows. */

VectorPlotOptions(;​100) /* Max. arrow length 100 px. */

VectorPlotOptions(;​30%) /* Max. arrow length 30% of the diagonal of the plot area. */

VectorPlotOptions(;​;​5) /* Arrowhead size 5 px. */

VectorPlotOptions(;​;​15%) /* Arrowhead size 15% of the arrow length. */

VectorPlotOptions(;​;​;​0.5) /* Anchor point is set to the middle of the arrow. */

VectorPlotOptions(;​;​;​1.0) /* Anchor point is set to the end of the arrow. */


As the 1st argument arrowheadType, it is possible to define different arrowhead types. By entering two type values you can put arrowheads on both ends. By using the 2nd argument maxArrowLength, the maximum arrow length can be controlled. If no value is defined, the maximum default arrow length equals to 10% of the diagonal of the plot area. In addition, the size of the arrowhead can be controlled by the 3rd argument arrowheadSize. The default arrowhead size is 25% of the arrow length. Both, arrow length and arrowhead size can be entered as percentage of the diagonal of the plot area or absolute in pixels. The 4th argument arrowAnchorOffset can be used to control the anchor point of the arrow. The default anchor point is set to the arrow tail (arrowAnchorOffset =​ 0).

For examples, please refer to VectorPlot() and VectorPlot2D() .

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