Privacy Policy

X2max Software respects the privacy of our website visitors and does not sell or lease any information that we collect to third party organizations.

Information that we collect

As with most other websites, we collect and use the data contained in log files. The information includes which pages are visited, the page that referred you to our site and some information about your browser and OS type. There is no hidden monitoring of mouse clicks for the purpose of obtaining marketing information or browsing preferences. We do not use cookies.

How we use information

The information that we collect helps us make our website better, get you your activation code for xmCHART and send you reply emails to your questions and comments. When you submit a question via our online form, your email address allows us to reply to you and answer your queries. We will never sell, or give your email address to any third party organizations. The web logs are used by us to collect statistics on how often online reference files or sample files are accessed. The information is used for deciding which topics are the most popular so that we may focus our efforts on those topics for future development. These web logs are not sold or shared with third parties and are not processed at a high-level to infer the browsing preferences of our website visitors.

Ordering xmCHART

X2max Software uses the services of to handle payments. maintains their own security and privacy polices. You can visit the website for more information. All information you enter in the order form will be shared with X2max Software in order to send you your activation code for the xmCHART license you purchased. This does not apply for your credit card information. We never get your credit card number.

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