DateTimeOptions ( dateOrder ;​ startingDay )

Argument Type Range Default Note
dateOrder int 1..3 mdy Month-day-year
startingDay int 1..7 1

DateTimeOptions(ymd) /* Year-month-day */

DateTimeOptions(mdy;​1) /* US date format. */

DateTimeOptions(;​2) /* Calendar week starts on Monday (ISO 8601) */


The first argument dateOrder can be used to define the order of day, month and year when entering the date. The function is to be placed before ChartData() or before ChartDataRead() . The second argument startingDay can be used to specify the beginning of the calendar week using a value between 1 and 7, i.e. 1=Sunday (default), 2=Monday, 3=Tuesday, etc. For more details, refer to Date & Time.

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