MajorGridLineColors ( directionAxis ;​ distributionAxis ;​ color1 ;​ color2 ;​ . . . ;​ color1000 )

Argument Type Range Default Note
directionAxis int 0..3 all
distributionAxis int 0..3 all
color1 rgba 0..255 gray
color2 rgba 0..255 gray
... rgba 0..255 gray
color1000 rgba 0..255 gray

Grid lines can be defined differently with regard to stroke, color and color variant. If the number of grid lines is larger than the number of defined strokes, colors or color variants, the latter will be repeated periodically. Grid lines can be suppressed by defining the line width as zero or the line color as none. If neither the directional axis nor the distribution axis is defined, the functions refer to all grid lines, i.e. for 2-dimensional Cartesian charts to both the horizontal and vertical grid lines. Access to a special grid direction is obtained by using both arguments directionAxis and distributionAxis.

Cartesian charts directionAxis distributionAxis Example
Horizontal grid lines x y MajorGridLineColors(x;y;gray)
Vertical grid lines y x MajorGridLineColors(y;x;lightGray;none)
Polar charts directionAxis distributionAxis Example
Radial grid lines x y MajorGridLineColors(x;y;red)
Concentric grid lines y x MajorGridLineColors(y;x;#f00;none;none)

In addition, for 3-dimensional bar and Gantt charts the axis constant z is available. The z-axis points in the direction of the viewer.

For examples, please refer to MajorGridLineWidths() .

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